Why I use Alywillow

On one of my many trips to Duke Medicine for a myriad of health issues I found Alywillow. This trip to Duke was made into a girl’s trip with my cousins. After two days of office visits it was time for a little fun. We decided to go to the NC State Fairgrounds Flea Market. It is there that I discovered Alywillow products. Having autoimmune issues, I had already been studying more natural options for my daily routines to lower the amount of toxins entering my body. Aliya took the time to listen to my health issues and then proceeded to explain Alywillow products and make suggestions of those that might help with my problems. I started that day with the Warrior Elemental Line. Upon returning home I could already see some differences. That was over three years ago and over that time, different products have helped with different issues that arose due to my autoimmune issues. Yes, I still visit Duke Medical for issues and have a Rheumatologist locally but believe my Alywillow products are what help me get through the hard days and make the good days better.

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